I Have a Great Idea for a Daily Victim, Provided You Fill Out the Following Paperwork.

Hello Fargo and Hot Soup (hereinafter referred to as “Parties of the First Part,”) I have a great suggestion for the Daily Victim, as requested by your web site (enclosed and tagged as exhibit A.)

However, use of my idea will be considered binding with regards to the digital rights information which I’ve enclosed. I ask that the original idea be used in whole with no un-approved alterations herewith. My name shall be retained with the original submission and posted forthwith in accompaniment of the unaltered submission as follows: “Copyright © 2002-2003 Alfonso Gardeazabal All Rights Reserved. This Victim and associated text cannot be reproduced without written permission of the author and must retain this disclaimer in all reproductions herewith.”

The disclaimer is to be accompanied by the enclosed digital replica of my signature, as well as this picture of a hot bouncing anime babe that I use in the forums. I respectfully await your earliest reply. Sincerely, A. Gardeazabal.

[Daily Victim idea submitted by GameSpy reader Alfonso Gardeazabal. Actually, that wasn’t his idea. I can’t remember what his idea was, but it seriously came with a long legal disclaimer, which I thought was funnier than the idea. Thank you, Alfonso.]

Victim Pic Small

[Sure, laugh it up while you can. I may have to pull this victim down if I get a letter from the lawyers.]

Score: 7.45; Total Votes: 2083 as of 2009-12-09.

We’ve got to stop hiring people just because they’re good at LAN parties.

I have what I believe to be conclusive evidence that the Archon’s Minions EverQuest guild FAKED the Dragon-Slayings.

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