Hey you kids! Stop bazookaing your teammates into the water!

Hey, I saw that Spanky! You knocked that soldier right off the ridge and into the roiling sea below. What? What? I see you hiding that bazooka behind your back! Now you play nice.

You! Hey! With the Panzershreck! You just flung that little man nearly a quarter mile into the air and right into an airplane! Now I won’t tolerate that kind of -- what? -- well, yah, it was totally cool. I mean, no! No, it wasn’t cool. He was trying to snipe the enemy, not wash their bomber canopy. Okay, you take a time out. You just sit here on the beachhead and THINK about what you’ve done. Uh oh, what’s going on over here?

Tommy? Tommy is that you? You just loaded up half a ton of TNT under that Kubelwagen, didn’t you? Don’t try to tell me it wasn’t yours, I can see the wires leading to the detonator you’re holding. Oh, it’s in case the enemy takes the Kubelwagen, is it? Oh yeeeeah, sure Tommy, I’m sure it is. You listen here Mister, so long as you’re on my beachhead, I don’t want to see any of your teammates -- OR their cars -- whirling through the air like eggs at Easter. That’s right.

What else do we have here? Johnny will you STOP landmining the tank spawn point? No, no it’s NOT cool. You guys wouldn’t last five minutes on a server with team damage on. And -- uh oh, HEY YOU KIDS! STAY OFF OF THE KUBELWAGEN! -- Oh, oh never mind.

Hot damn, they’re still airborne. Oh, there they go ... ouch. Had they been able to survive the fall they’d be deep in enemy territory.

Victim Pic Small

Why don't you guys ... attack the enemy? Oh, I know it's crazy-talk, but try it, maybe you'll like it.

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Guys, I figured out how to smuggle a PS2 and EQ Online Adventures into school.

We’ve got to stop hiring people just because they’re good at LAN parties.

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