Yo, Frank, can you please stop using obscenities as city names in Sim City 4?

It’s just embarrassing all around. I thought it was a cool idea for us to share the regional map and for us to both take turns building on it together, but your naming scheme is ridiculous.

For instance, let’s talk about “a sex orgy,” the town you built north of mine with a freeway hookup that you insist on calling the “freeway of love.” It’s getting to the point where I can hardly play the game. Off the top of my screen is a big arrow that says, “To a sex orgy,” and there are all these cars and busses driving that way. According to my mayor panel, 25% of my Sims commute to a sex orgy for work.

Recently my favorite Sim sent me a letter saying that she was “moving to a sex orgy” because “they had better education there.” Damn you, Frank!

And let’s talk about the town you built to the East. I can’t bear the thought of building my planned high-speed rail line through “My Anus.” And forget about laying some pipe there.

The worst part? 34% of my landfill is being used to house garbage from My Anus. Of course, you’ve done a good job of keeping the pollution low in My Anus; according to the regional map, anyone at a sex orgy is attracted to My Anus in droves.

Stop it! Just ... stop it!

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