Psst, Would You like to Buy an Everquest Rubicite Breastplate? It Can Be Yours for the Low Low Price of a Single Human Baby.


Hey. I couldn't put this up on EBay because it's against the end user license agreement. Well, technically. Heh. Check it out.

Yep, that's right. A Rubicite Breastplate. It's AC +19. It gives you regeneration. You'll be the envy of all your EQ guild buddies. Uh-huh. You can't find this sucker in the game anymore -- oh no -- they only bust this out at special events. Go ahead, touch it. Do you know how long I played for this? I camped 36 real-time hours.

You want it? It's yours... provided you can supply me with a fresh human baby.

What? 24,000 platinum pieces? Well, yes, that's a generous offer, to be sure, but I couldn't buy a human baby for anything less than 44,000 pp's. And frankly nothing else will do. That's right, one single little-bitty pink baby, and the breastplate is yours.

You'll see what you can do? Okay, that's good. Hurry up. This sucker's a hot commodity, and it won't be long before someone else comes up with a fresh, succulent human baby to offer for trade. You do that. Bye now.

Victim Pic Small

Oh, you don't say? 25,000 platinum pieces, a 98 VW Jetta, $200 US dollars, and a night with your wife? Tempting. Very tempting. Might I make a counteroffer? You keep the night with your wife, and nine months later, you give me ... a live human baby.

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