Okay, new plan. Our new MMORPG game will be coded entirely using the Macromedia Flash MX 30-day trial. So we have to work fast.

Alright guys, listen up, ‘cuz we need to figure this out before Study Hall ends. We’re gonna be the first 13 year olds to ever publish a full massively-multiplayer game, but since our budget consists of lunch money we gotta be smart about this.

That’s why we should code the entire thing using the Macromedia Flash MX 30-day free trial. This is good all the way around. Not only is it free, but it also gives us a hard deadline to work from. We just need to work really fast. I figure we’ll spend the next couple of days planning, and then we can do the majority of work over Christmas break. Maybe after we get back, we can release the Beta.

Hey wait, slow down. One question at a time. Yes, Jim, you can draw pictures of Orcs. Okay Jason, we’ll work in airplanes somehow. Ah! Randy has a good question: How we can do four years’ worth of work in 30 days? THAT’s the easy part.

Four years is just 48 “man-months.” So, all we need is 48 people to work on the game. I figure we’ll bring in 50 and then we’ll have time to spare. All that means is we have to recruit Mr. Weimer’s sixth and seventh period Computer classes. Done!

So, let’s divvy up the work before we break. Gary, you do the 3D engine. Randy? You make all the models of the characters and monsters. I’ll work on the real-time strategy-game army battles interface, and Jason can add the flight-sim part. Okay already, Jim, I already said you can draw pictures of Orcs, geez.

Okay, I’ll download the free trial in two days so make sure we’ve got our act together! There’s the bell -- go go go!

[Loosely based on an email sent to me from Code_Monkey 13]

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Here, follow me to my locker. What do you mean, 'how do we get airplanes into this thing?' They're DWARVEN planes, duh. They built them with STREAM.

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No man, the problem is, the guy at the Returns desk is an ex insurance claims investigator.

You’d best be showing us that ladder full of orcs falling into the army of orcs, and you’d best be showing the whole thing.

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