I just had to pull a grand theft Grand Theft Auto

You know that if you didn’t pre-order Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, you’re pretty much screwed in this town? Both the big software stores are sold out, even the one with that dude in a bear suit.

So I’m driving all around town in my dad’s car -- you know, the silver VW Jetta (Mine’s in the shop after I tried to jump a picnic table with it, remember?) And I got no choice but to head all the way out to Fountain Valley. I storm into the Best Buy there and I catch some guy opening up a cardboard box -- man, I musta left skid marks. He took one look at me and without saying a word he handed me the game. SCORE!

On the way home I stop at Commander Taco -- you know the one in the big mall? -- just so I could run inside real quick and hook up with some food. ‘Cuz I figured I’d be jackin’ cars all night.

But I must’ve been in a hurry, ‘cuz I get out to the parking lot and ... okay, for one thing, it’s real easy to lose a silver VW Jetta in a crowded parking lot, it just doesn’t stand out. For another, I locked my keys in the car. There it was, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, just sitting there staring at me from the passenger seat while my keys dangled tauntingly from the steering wheel.

Times like this, I ask myself: What would a common criminal do?

The answer was to go to the hardware store and get a hammer.

I come back with the hammer -- price tag still hanging off of it, hear? -- and I’m walking around looking for the Jetta. I see it, and I make sure nobody is looking, right? Even though it’s a crowded parking lot. Anyways, the coast seemed clear, so WHAMS!! I smash the driver’s side window. I jump in, slide into the seat, slam the door, and go to turn the key amidst the blaring of the alarm ... and the keys aren’t there. I look over to the passenger seat, and my game isn’t there either.

I was in the wrong Jetta.

Yah, so, uh, here I am. No man, I don’t have the car, I ran all the way here on foot. I’m hoping to go back and get it once the fuzz dies down. Hey, you mind if I bury this hammer in your yard?

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What do you mean, "I shoulda called Triple-A." Last I checked, they don't sell games either ... what? You mean they pick locks for you? Whoa, professional carjackers. Why haven't I heard of these guys?

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Oh yah -- there’s not a single thing you can do or say in Counter-Strike that I haven’t bound to a single keystroke!

Nobody wants to get it on with the Fat Undead Guy from Doom III.

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