Very Shortly There Will Be a Down-throwing of Some Sort of Gauntlet-like Object

That's right, Mr. Gross. You think your Age of Empire skillz will go unchallenged. You think your Persian war elephants are unstoppable. Well, I have a message for you, Mr. Gross. I have a message loud and clear. That's right: Very shortly, I may in fact make with the throwing down of something resembling a gauntlet.

Are you hearing me, Mr. Gross, sir? That's right, I'm addressing you -- or, more specifically, your ability to reach the Castle age in seventeen minutes and 27 seconds. I'm speaking to your ability to beat two of us in a multiplayer game with the help of only a single computer ally.

My words -- you should mark them! Because, when you least expect it, I will guantlet throw you with the making of the down, or something along those lines.

That's right.

Read my lips, sir. Your war elephants might fall before something resembling my cataphracts. Your walls could very well crumble before the rams of mostly battering. And your elephants could possibly tremble before the stabbing of some very probably elongated pointy things or somesuch.

Oh yes, Mr. Gross, something sort of like a bell might toll for you at some later date once the throwing of the downward headed guantlet-like substance commences. Ph34r.

Victim Pic Small

You heard me, oh yes you heard me, Mr. Gross! Soon you might very well begin a gesture that could possibly be described as the trembling, and then in all likelyhood the disctinct probablility of perhaps maybe the weeping!

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