Laugh all you want, this is the only way I can play Need for Speed without getting mad vertigo

Just shut up and hand me the controller, man. Okay, which player am I? Am I the guy on top? No, the OTHER top. Right. Okay, let’s do it.

Lay off, man! It’s the only way I can play this game without getting woozy. Maybe it’s cuz all the blood is rushing to my head. WHOA, did you see me take that corner at 90? I am a MACHINE.

Hand me the chips and dip. Whoa, I uh -- sorry about the carpet. [Crunch crunch] Damn it’s hard to swallow like this. Reach over and get me that glass of water. Oh ... aw crap, okay, get me some paper towels.

Fine, I’ll get them myself -- OOHHWHWHww, my BACK! I think I heard a disc pop or something. Oh man, I think I’m stuck. No, stuck. Stuck like THIS, dipnuts. Oh ... oh geez. Okay. Tell you what. Just ... roll me down onto the floor... okay, now prop my legs up on the stool. There. There we go.

Okay, NOW hand me the controller. Can one of you guys just pour soda into my mouth? Thanks.

Victim Pic Small

Hey, tilt the TV a little so it points down here ... hey, there we go. THAT's the stuff.

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