I seemed to have joined an Unreal Tournament 2003 server filled with Dadaists.

That’s right, Dadaists. You know? From the Dada movement? Those who use art to question the nature of art, staging bizarre performances or sculpting non-sensical pieces in order to make us re-evaluate our definition of “art?”

Well, yes. Anyways, what I think what they’re doing HERE is using this Unreal Tournament Bombing Run server to question the very nature of “Bombing run.”

Why is that guy up on top of the obelisk? How did he get there? What possible function could he hope to serve his team? How about the man hopping in the corner? Does he even know he’s playing? Or, does he just want me to question the very nature of how I define “play” itself?

Also worth noting: why is that man with the flak cannon shooting flak into the air until it rains gently down as a curtain of steel? It was kinda cool the first couple of shots. But he’s been doing it for two full minutes. Wait, now he just turned and shot the guy in the corner who was jumping up and down. It’s as if these performance artists have peeled open the game like an onion and are exposing its hidden layers for all to see.

Right in front of the enemy goal, a circle of four players are throwing themselves down into the pit to watch their limp bodies crumple over the pipes, chanting “Be in my clan! Be in my clan!” Look, I don’t have ANY idea. All I know is I threw one of those guys the ball once and he started spinning in place screaming “Is it out yet?”

It’s all very illuminating. I think.

Victim Pic Small

This fellow claims that he IS a "Rocket Jump," forcing me to question what IS or ISN'T a "Rocket Jump." Perhaps if I shoot him I will understand. Hmm. No, no I don't, but I sure feel better about it.

Score: 7.75; Total Votes: 2079 as of 2009-12-09.

My teammates won’t stop talking like pirates, but I’ve kinda warmed to the idea.

So, you got a bootleg copy of the second Lord of the Rings movie? That’s nothing. I know a feller who has a book of the third one

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