I've put off that PC hardware upgrade for hours. It's time!

You know, it was hours ago that I first realized how I'm desperately needing another 512MB of RAM. I've slogged on long enough. Don't get me wrong. I like to delay a little on any new hardware purchase, 'cuz prices tend to drop. But let's see -- it's already -- what? 3PM? I just gotta pull the trigger and grab that extra RAM.

Hmmm... while I'm at it... I might want to consider upgrading my 3D card. I've got a GeForce 3 in there now. But I don't want to rush into anything. I'm gonna get the RAM, then I'm gonna think about getting that new 3D card. You want to take your time with stuff like that.

Hold on a sec while I place my order ... there we go. Hey, what time is it? Quarter after? DAMN, man, I've been puttering around with this old GeForce 3 for nearly 15 minutes now. Sometimes you just gotta say enough is enough! You certainly can't say I've been imprudent. No sir, I put off getting that GeForce 4 for nearly 20 minutes. It's time to make the big jump, you know?

Victim Pic Small

You know what else is big? Flatscreens. But I'm gonna hold off on that one. At least until 3:30 or so.

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My 'Platforms Floating in Space' skills are honed to perfection, sir.

You want to play Battlefield again? What, you're missing a hood ornament?

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