Doom III's new lighting effects will harken a new 'Dark Age' of gameplay!

You saw the screenshots, you know what I'm talking about. Doom III will have what I call a "heightened sense of the unsensed," that is to say, it'll be really, REALLY dark. This is the great unexplored country in first-person gaming. Too often we can see things, and that which we can see by definition isn't as scary. Look here, when I stand in this shadow. See? Spooo-oooky.

In fact, I won't be satisfied unless I see them take advantage of the new technology by having only scattered pools of dim light amidst a sea of miles upon miles of featureless subterranean darkness, where dozens of aimless space marines wander about in pitch blackness firing off chainguns in random directions while playing Marco Polo with pink demon things.

Victim Pic Small

Maybe they should just not worry about graphics at all? Hmm ... yeah ... imagine how great the framerate would be!!

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