For months I agonized over where to get toner cartridges -- and then, WHAMS! There was the answer, right in my email!

I first noticed the problem a couple months ago, as bit by bit the output from my laser printer started to fade. Pretty soon the center of any printed page contained a white stripe of nearly unreadable text. That would never do!

Did you know that printers use magical powder called "Toner" to make the words appear all wordy? It's TRUE. I discovered the secret when I "opened" my printer "up" and found a "Toner Cartridge."

But where does toner come from? How do I get more? And, more importantly, where can I find HIGH-QUALITY, LOW-COST printer and Fax Supplies that EXCEED MANUFACTURER'S SPECIFICATIONS at WHOLESALE PRICES THAT WON'T LAST? For weeks and weeks I agonized over this perplexing conundrum. Then, one day, I was checking my email, and there it was!

Out of the blue someone must've heard about my problem and emailed me an OUTSTANDING OFFER. "Friend" they called me. WOW. You bet I am! I ordered hundreds of dollars worth of supplies, then gave them the email addresses to all my friends to make sure that nobody misses out on this incredible deal.

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Now, if only I had an easily accessable source of BARELY LEGAL TEENS and CO-ED WEBCAM HOTTIES. But where would I find those?

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The top-of-the-line PC I ordered was obsolete before I finished entering my credit card number

I'd like you to meet my friend Jared. He's in Doom III denial.

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