The top-of-the-line PC I ordered was obsolete before I finished entering my credit card number

I decided to order my new gaming PC online because I could get up-to-the-minute parts. I went to my favorite vendor and started building the best possible PC via a series of drop down menus. Every time I clicked on the button labeled "refresh price," new components were available.

Finally I had set up a PC that I thought was pretty good and when I clicked submit, it popped up a dialog box that said, "New special offer! Save 10% on antique systems such as yours!"

When I finished entering my billing data, the website explained to me that it'll take two weeks to build and deliver my system. Two weeks!? What if someone released a game with 'cutting edge' technology during that time? My system would only be capable of playing last month's games!

My PC finally arrived in a box labeled "Derelict." When I opened it there was a letter inside warning me that by plugging in my machine and booting it up, I would make it less valuable for collectors who specialized in old hardware from days gone by.

When I ordered the machine it came bundled with "Windows MC," a rare breed of the Windows operating system that was popular during the weekend when I bought it but has since be shunned by Microsoft. When I turned on the machine, a dialogue popped up that said "Warning: System incapable of playing Star Wars Galaxies when it comes out." Then I hit the "auto-update" button and a message appeared that said "Your system is no longer supported and must be destroyed before contaminating the Internet." I went to turn it off and it said "unable to shut down pending state historical landmark status."

I would show it to you, but some restoration specialists stopped by and are looking into how to best preserve my machine for future generations to admire.

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Right now they're carefully opening the CD drive to look for fossilized remains of prehistoric life.

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