And now it is time for the glorious peoples' reinstall!

So it is, my comrades have deemed it necessary to fire up the harsh machinations of Unreal Tournament once again upon the peoples' hard drive! And thusly we begin THE GLORIOUS PEOPLES' REINSTALL!

Move we forward the shining red optical mouse of the people to click the becon-like button, setting the inevitable reinstallation in motion!

Through the labors of the people begins to grow the golden age of the glorious ever-expanding peoples' progress bar!

Soon our great works shall be complete and we will walk arm in arm within the fully-installed might of the ever-equitable and wholly unified installation of the great and charitable software!

WHOA, suffer we must through the CAPITALIST BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH! Pig dogs, bloated bourgeois, eat the three-fingered salute of the laborer! And so the glorious peoples' reboot begins!

When we're done I wanna be on the red team.

Victim Pic Small

I proclaim this base the glorious base of the glorious people with the glorious flag and -- hey, you shot me. Fine. Let the peoples' rampage begin!

Score: 6.35; Total Votes: 2049 as of 2009-12-09.

The PR355 N1NJ4 returns! Operation: QuakeCon Doomiltration

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