Good base defense requires intimate awareness of one's surroundings and uncanny perception

Let me tell you a little something about why I'm able to defend my base so well against your team. No, it's not camping. It is, in a word, perception. When you defend a base as well as I do, you know it isn't all just about reflexes. You have to be PERPETUALLY AWARE of your surroundings. And that's me: I have an eye for detail.

And it's more than just the sights and sounds. You really have to have a feel for things. I have what I like to call a certain "sixth sense" at work. I know which entrance you're going to use to attack my base even before you get there. Isn't that truly remarkable? How do I do it? Look, all I can say is that NOTHING ESCAPES ME.

It takes a sharp eye, my friend, and a MASTERY OF YOUR SURROUNDINGS. That's why you guys couldn't score a single cap on us that last game. I'm totally aware of everything around me. Speaking of which, did someone crank up the air conditioning in here or what? My boys are getting' cold down there, if you follow.

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Man, and another thing. I'm having trouble walking for some reason.

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