I spent three solid months of my life solving Tony Hawk 3 just to watch a bunch of munchwads play musical chairs!?

What IS this? This is IT? THIS is the reward I get for solving every single skater and every single challenge in Tony Hawk ... a video of the developers playing Musical Chairs?

This is an OUTRAGE! Look at my thumbs -- the outer flesh has been rubbed raw and the pink skin underneath has started to turn a smudgy brown color! The undersides of my thumbnails have turned a dark reddish purple! My wrists tingle uncomfortably whenever I pick up heavy objects! If I move my neck in an arc of more than 30-degrees it sends a shooting pain down my spine until my legs go numb.

The other day after another 48-hour session I stumbled out of the house and discovered that the orange foam covering the front of my shirt had been leaking from my mouth. Legs reeling with lack of blood-flow, I stumbled out of my front door hoping to make it to the 7-11 for a life-sustaining hot-dog and slurpie. I couldn't remember what day it was. When I got to the 7-11, on my way to the slurpie machine, I saw a display of milk cartons...

With MY picture on the back.

Undaunted, I bought enough microwave burritoes to sustain another week of continuous play. I expected the music video that I would unlock at the end to be mind-numbingly cool. I wanted to be moved to emotional tears as I was with the ending video of MDK. Instead, what did I get?

Home video of some munchwads playing musical chairs. Thanks for nothing, wad-munchers!

Victim Pic Small

Hmmm. Of course, now that I beat it ... what next? I won't have a life anymore!

Score: 7.57; Total Votes: 1963 as of 2009-12-09.

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