When I asked Craig to get us directions to KFC, I didn't expect him to use Crazi Taxi 3.

Hold on a second, pull over. What the hell is this? I asked Craig to go online and get us directions to the KFC, but I think he used the Xbox and got his directions from Crazy Taxi instead.

Allright, let's just take it nice and slow. Take a right here. Okay, now, uh, he says to "Crazy Drift between the two semis." That's not very helpful. Oh! Here's the movie theatre, turn left.

Now you're supposed to ... uh ... "do a crazy dash" over a trashcan and then a crazy jump off the rear of a flatbed truck, skidding over the roof of the theatre on two wheels. Hmm. I'm pretty sure he didn't use MapQuest to get these directions.

Eh, but what the hell, we're lost. Buckle up and try it!

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Hurry up, if you don't get there in time Charlie's gonna jump out the back seat of the moving car.

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