The 200 pound mouse has done wonders for my upper body strength

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How would you like to have the BODY OF YOUR DREAMS without fad diets, pills, or stressful and time-consuming exercise programs? I didn't believe it was true until I tried it for myself. Yes, thanks to the 200-pound mouse and three games of WarCraft a week, I've gained over 56 pounds of muscle mass!

It's such a simple idea but IT WORKS! For real! Our SPECIALLY DESIGNED ERGONOMIC COMPUTER MICE are filled with sand and then dipped in solid lead. Sure, they may be eight inches wide and nearly impossible to move with one hand, but that's why they've had PROVEN EFFECTIVENESS at building upper arm strength in just 30 days or less.

Kylie Anderson, 25, of Jackson, Maine build up enough muscle with the 200 pound mouse to BENCHPRESS AN XBOX.

Still not convinced? Talk to Joe Kreider, 22, of Philmore, Indiana. In just two weeks of intensive deathmatching that his spine snapped under the grotesque weight of his forklift-like forearms.

After just 30 days with the 200-pound mouse, now whenever I use a normal-sized mouse I put it through the wall without thinking.

Act now and receive a special free Kevlar mousemat.

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What's next? How about the 200 pound GameCube controller? The 200 pound Game Boy Advance? It may not fit in your pocket, but that's okay, 'cuz the prototype de-pantsed me in a public park.

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