Listen, mister! This here adventuring party doesn't stoop to "Chaotic" Evil, and we're not about to start.

I think you know what I'm talking about. If we're gonna play Neverwinter Nights together, we've got to lay down the law, or lack thereof. That means nobody here is gonna slip up and go chaotic with our evil. No sir, we're Lawful Evil. That means eternal evil vigilance.

So let's look at what just happened here. You just launched a fireball into an orphanage that asked for our help. Any lesser evil party would've applauded that action, but here, by and by, we've got to THINK. There are a lot of possibilities with orphanages that you failed to explore. Child slavery, for instance. Or we coulda rented the building out for Ninja training. We could've adopted some of those kids, used them as bait for a dragon, while we snuck in the back way and took the treasure. THINK, man, THINK!

We don't accept any half-assed evil here. Only the real deal.

Victim Pic Small

Let's think about this. An orphanage is a big building with a lot of beds. If it weren't for all those children, it'd be a perfect brothel. So I'm thinking, 'poison,' you catch me?

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