Nothing but me, Maxim magazine, and the Neverwinter Nights ad... A night for ROMANCE.

Awww yaaah. Roommates out of town for the weekend. Got my copy of Maxim magazine. Got it open to the Neverwinter Nights Ad. Smoooooth. Time to dim the lights ... not too dim! This ain't the Doom III demo in here. No, just 'nuff to set that sweet, sweet mood.

How about the music? A little bit of Burt Bacharach, hunh baby? The Look of Love? That's right. Candles? Oh yes. Nothing but the best. You're not some cheap tart like Daphne from the Scooby Doo ads, no no baby, we're gonna do this up right.

Hang on sugar, I'd better close the windows, 'case things get a little noisy. Besides, I wouldn't want a breeze turning your sexy page over on me. You comfy? More pillows baby? I'm comfy. We comfy. We got alllllll evening.

I wonder what Neverwinter Nights is, anyways? Some sort of video game? Maybe a movie? Eh, who cares. It's time to bust out the smoove.

Victim Pic Small

Oh, my bad. I'll clean that up.

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Professor Lyons of MIT explains how Neverwinter scripting works

Whoa, guys, make sure you're not on any fault lines when you light that thing off...

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