Pirates hacked my webserver ... but they filled it full of Warez!

Well, here's one for you. This week I get an email from my ISP that says that I've been using more than my allotted bandwidth. Hmm, I think, that's funny. There was nothing on my webserver but my two-page website that has digital pictures of the movie I made with Lego blocks. Did BlockWars make the big time?

But no, I open up my webserver and sure enough it's been hacked by pirates. Real Hax0r types. They didn't even bother to hack my Lego pages, either. No, they used the whole thing as a file transfer sever for weeks. But... here's the deal...

They left behind hundreds of gigs of warez!

That's right, everything from dirty movies to cracked games to leaked betas to defense department passwords. I mean, this thing is STACKED. What would you do? You know, on the one hand, I don't advocate piracy of any type. On the other hand, this stuff just ended up on my property against my will, you know? Still, I couldn't even bring myself to install the goods.

Instead I just kept the file names but replaced every single game executable with Shareware Leap Frog from Freakware. Let's just see if those pirates can break my record of 406 points!

Of course, I'm keeping the pr0n.

Victim Pic Small

Yeah, I replaced the pr0n with animated gifs of teddy bears waving.

Score: 8.06; Total Votes: 1731 as of 2009-12-09.

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