Honey, I Love You, but Don't See Any Reason to Leave This Perfectly Good Elite Force Server.

I know, I know. But try to see it my way. When we met and started dating, that was before I discovered this server where they're playing Elite Force CTF on map CTF_VOY1 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Things are different now. This map plays continuously, and the server is packed. Two days ago I took a break to get a sandwich, and it was hours before I managed to get back in. HOURS! Think of all the captures I missed out on. So I can't leave.

Instead of going out tonight, I was hoping you could call that Chinese place, and we could order in. Then you can shovel the food into my mouth between rounds.

I know you need me, sweetie. But these guys need me too. Look at this dude guarding the flag room here with me -- He can hardly shoot. It looks like he's using the keyboard to play instead of the mouse. And he calls himself a Klingon!!

Oh, you're leaving? Hey, while you're up, could you empty my pee bottle?

Victim Pic Small

Well, I'm glad that's finally over with. hang on a second, and I will show you my patented "Ferangi Defense."

Score: 7.35; Total Votes: 979 as of 2009-12-09.

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