Your new GameSpy design with its giant Jango Fett frightens me

Hi, I fear change.

And your new design, with it's giant Jango Fett leaping out of the page at me, is scary down to the gonadal level. As soon as it loaded I clawed my eyes and prayed for a swift death. Look at all the content, and how it's organized. I hate organization, it underscores my own inadequacy and imperfections.

Might I suggest an alternate design?

I imagine a webpage composed entirely of raw meat, juxtaposing high technology with the frailties of flesh. When you click on links, they should randomly take you to other links, demonstrating life's insecurities. Then, when people sent email to complain, the feedback form would show a picture of a faceless mannequin in a dark green fog while random xylophones clack in the background. I don't know what it would signify, but there would be an emptiness there more akin to the hollow void that is my ongoing struggle with life.

Oh, and your logo should use that cool rippling water effect. It's the biz.

Victim Pic Small

I will now shield my eyes from the Jango.

Score: 5.99; Total Votes: 1734 as of 2009-12-09.

Pilgrimage, we must make, to the world's largest Yoda

Note to staff: Please refrain from screaming "FRAWRESS VICTORRRY" whenever important Japanese clients are visting

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