Woe to Ye, Internet Service Provider!

Ye, the false prophets of low pings, co-axle cablers, netizens of ill-repute! False promisers, bedazzlers, framerate chunkers of deceit!

Know ye not the holy w3rd, wherein it is written, "Woe to the broadbanders who prophesize free installation, then chargeth the righteous with hardware costs?" Woe to the chargers of the hardware, WOE I said WOOO-ooohh-ohh ohh!

For the wrath of customer account number 044352 burns bright with the rage of thine unholy misdeeds. Yea, I shall payeth thine overdue bill -- I shall payeth it with thine hot steaming blood and entrails! Ye busy signaled tech department shall finally answer thy phone, but this time thy shall answer for ye SINS!

Smoke this, ye humpers of the mothers! The time of purification is at hand!

Victim Pic Small

As it says in the book of emails, chapter 15, verse 32: "And a time of great market crashes will come, and there will be much weeping, and the meek shall cast aside the services of the laggers and shine bright among bands of broadness." Can I get an "amen?"

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I Totally Woulda Scored with That Chick on the Tribes Server If My Roommate Hadn't Logged on and Started Talking Smack about My Momma

Honey, I Love You, but Don't See Any Reason to Leave This Perfectly Good Elite Force Server.

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