Don't kick me off of your game service -- my mom was out of control on here last night

That wasn't me on here last night -- that was my mom logged in through our joint account. I just can't keep her on a short enough leash. One minute she's playing backgammon, and when I turn my back for a second she's in the middle of the Medal of Honor chat room spamming URLs to adult websites and asking where to find the best teen cams.

I can't go to bed without fear that I'll wake up, as I did last night, finding her swapping adult passwords in the Soldier of Fortune lobby.

Oh yah, and my mom has a thing for Warez. If you think she's disruptive on your channels, imagine playing Nintendo with your friends and suddenly you hear her scream from the bedroom, "I AM CAPTAIN CRACKZ0RS!"

No, really, it was my mom all along. Please don't cancel our account. You know. Moms.

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You say someone tried to hack into an admin account? Then posted spam on your messageboards? Wow, that sounds just like ... my dad.

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