Hear me out -- Our Asheron's Call monarchy would be considerably more powerful with its own clone army.

Well, no, I'm not asking you to take my word for it. Let's just do the math. We've got 40 people signed up with allegiances to us right now, and in Asheron's Call, that means that all of their experience rolls up for our characters. It's like the online RPG equivalent of an MLM scheme. That's a pretty sweet deal.

Now, with just a hundred clones, we could get over three times the experience points. Three times! We'd be leveling up every time we logged in. That's with just a hundred clones.

But the beauty of clones is that it's easy to crank them out, you know, get all wu-shu with the cut-n-paste. I've seen it done. So let's say we up it to one thousand clones. At that point, we're nearly the biggest monarchy in the game. More importantly, we can equip them in identical armor, each and every one marching in unison, a slave to our slightest of whims. "Clear out that dungeon, clone army." "Camp that Lugian nest, clone army." "Sell stuff on eBay, clone army." Open your minds!

Good, good. I can see we're all starting to really think this thing through. Let me leave you with one parting thought … I'm just planting the seed here … everyone listening? That's right. Ten thousand clones. You wouldn't be able to take a bathroom break without leveling up. That's all I'm sayin'.

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Before we call this motion to order, I'd like to just add one more thought. ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND CLONES. Oh, sorry, did I interrupt again? Continue.

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