I disagree. A broadsword to the head wouldn't hurt if you were wearing good armor.

Okay, let's settle this. Let's say a fighter had a good solid Imperial Dragonscale helm, not unlike my old motorcycle helmet here. Let me put this on.

[Muffled] Can you hear me? Now, I'm not saying that a shot to the head would be pleasant, but I disagree on your assumption that Morrowind is completely unrealistic. Grab that 2x4, and I'll show you. Let's say we're in a fight, right? And I've got like level 28 armor. And, you've got a sword. It would be just like hitting me on the head with the 2x4. What? What was that? I can't hear you through the helmet. No, I said it would be just like hitting me on the head. I SAID HITTING ME ON THE HEAD!

[Gut-wrenching THUD]

OHHH Oh mother of CRAP you HIT ME! Stop ... spinning. Oh man. Was that a 2x4 or did you just back over me with a truck? Help me get this visor off so I can puke. Oh .... oh my sweet mother. I think I swallowed a tooth.

Victim Pic Small

Okay, if my equilibrium wasn't gone, and the ground wasn't wobbling under me, and my eyes weren't filled with tears, and the paramedics weren't on their way ... I would KICK YOUR ASS. Are you there? Hello? Anyone?

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I can end troublesome lens flares Forever!

Step aside! This Star Wars line is getting out of hand.

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