I can end troublesome lens flares Forever!

You've treated your car windows with U.V. protectant -- why not your PC monitor?

It's a proven fact that ever since the "lens flare" effect was discovered in the late '90s, it's been appearing in just about every outdoor scene in every video game. More and more you can't run your character toward the sun without a bothersome flaring effect obscuring your crosshairs, powerups, and more. WHAT'S A GAMER TO DO?

That's where I step in. Give me 30 minutes with your monitor and I'll coat it with my special patent-pending monitor-tinting film. No more sunglasses, no more sunscreen.

True, you WILL have to adjust the brightness and contrast of your monitor afterwards as darkened rooms will have become completely invisible BUT heed my words friend, never again will eye-jarring lens-flare destroy your gaming experience!

Order today and de-flare your monitor for only $19.95!!(*)

* Pricing based on 14" monitor. Larger monitors will require extra fees.

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[Not liable for damages, eye strain, inability to play Thief or Deus Ex. Even when using NoFlare it is inappropriate to stare directly at the sun, although, frankly, it's kinda fun.]

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