I Can Move Pikachu ... with My Mind!

Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen, members of the school board, parents, teachers, and university faculty. First allow me to say it is a pleasure to speak with you, as well it is a pleasure to be the youngest candidate ever to be considered for this prestigious university award.

But, allow me to cut to the chase. The development of electronics and digital/human interaction has been measured in stages through the dynamically changing world of interface devices. Ah, how the humble "mouse" paved the way for the graphical PC interface and ushered in a whole new era of computing! But I digress.

What I am to demonstrate today is an uncanny fusion of human and machine, a paradigm shift so startling, so moving to the very foundations of human thought as to ensure me a full scholarship and more. OBSERVE!

On this monitor I have running a copy of Pokemon Stadium. The large yellow furry creature is known as "Pikachu." You will note that -- merely by concentrating -- I can make Pikachu walk forward. Yes! Walk, my rodent accomplice, march confidently into the annals of history!

Next, you will note that -- yes, question? Oh, this device, that I am wearing on my head? It is just an "antenna" if you will, channeling my conscious will toward the machine, it is of little consequence. Ignore please!

For my next trick, you will see that as I shake my head, Pikachu dances back and forth! Dance, little Pikachu, dance! Woe betide those who fail to see the ramifications of this awesome red-letter day! Wait -- wait -- I'm not done yet, unhand me. Tap my forehead and Pikachu will jump! I merely will it and it is so! Note that as I am manhandled by campus security that Pikachu reacts spasmodically upon the monitor -- alp! Put me back! Help me, Pikachu, HELP!

Victim Pic Small

That's nothing. Hand me a mouse and I will play Quake with my ass!

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