How do I decide what to buy? The real turning point for me is how quickly a game comes out with a Boba Fett mod.

With some games, it can be months before people figure out how to create a Boba Fett skin for the main character. Months! No sir, why would I want to waste my flavor on THAT? Look here, I'm a busy guy.

That's why I'm stoked about Morrowind. Did you see this morning on The Morrowind Summit Fansite that somebody ALREADY added Boba Fett armor to the game? As far as I know, the game isn't even on shelves yet, and already IT'S GOT BOBA. That's what I'm talking about. The quicker the Boba, the better the game.

Now step aside, I've got a game to buy.

Victim Pic Small

I'm wearing Boba Fett underwear as we speak. Well. Underoos, actually.

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