I like to both cut AND paste.


Did you know that standard PC configurations have FOUR keys for editing text? You can cut, you can copy, and you can paste. With ease.

There's also an "undo" key, but, I'm a little scared of undoing things. You know, once you've done something, you can't take it back. So I don't want to get into the habit.

Me? I don't just like to cut. I like to paste. Did you know you can cut something, then paste it somewhere else? I can do that. Some people like to copy before they paste. They're weak-willed, small people who should just donate their organs and be done with it. I used to do that, by the way. Not the organ-donating part, obviously, but back when I was insecure: I'd copy, then I'd paste. Then I'd go back and cut out what I originally copied. Do you follow me? Nowadays, I'm much more older, secure, and self-confident. I've killed a man in cold blood. If I want to just CUT, then PASTE? None of you can stop me. You can try ... oh yes, they'll try ... but no one can stop me. From cutting. And then... PASTING.

Victim Pic Small

Have you ever considered hitting CTRL-A? CTRL-A selects ALL. Everything. Then you can cut it. You can CUT EVERYTHING, with the touch of a couple buttons. The ability to destroy all that man has wrought. Right there. On your keyboard.

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