Eyah! Stop it! If you keep playing that Spider-Man game you'll ruin the movie!

Damn Charlie, you gotta cut that stuff out! You're ... you keep playing that Spider-Man game, you're gonna give that whole BIZNESS away! The movie ain't out for another week.

Gimmie that CD -- no, gimmie -- GIMMIE! I'm just gonna put it back in the jewel case and then I'm gonna hide it up here on the top of the shelf behind the Boba Fett-head bank. Look here, see, next time you be gettin' the urge to go and spoil the movie ol' Boba-head here is gonna give you the evil eye. That's right. You don't be messin' with the Boba-head.

Isn't that better? Now we don't know nothin' about the movie. See? It'll be a total surprise. We don't know anything about Peter Parker. We don't know how he gets his spider powers. We don't know how he meets Kirsten Dunst. We don't know who Kirsten Dunst is. We don't know if Kirsten Dunst gets it on. We don't know if there's a delicious Kirsten Dunst nude scene. Kirsten Dunst topless. Kirsten Dunst in slinky neglige with a slit up to her thigh. We don't know ... Oh SCREW YOU BOBBA let's put the CD in!

Victim Pic Small

He gets BIT by a SPIDER? Aw CRAP. Now I've ruined EVERYTHING.

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