A grievous typo on our prom leaflets invited the seniors to 'Bring a Date to the 2002 Pr0n'

It's always the smallest schools that erupt into the biggest pandemonium. I was in charge of the layout for our 2002 Senior Prom leaflets, but I guess I'd been using a little too much white out, and I don't think in my bleary all-nighter haze I checked for typos properly. Come to think of it, I don't even remember handing them to the printer, although I do remember the guy behind the counter at Kinkos laughing and asking me if he could come.

By the next morning they were all over the school. Leaflets advertising the 2002 pr0n. As class president, I had just told 450 hormonal teenagers to show up for the free pr0n! To bring a date to the pr0n! To dress appropriately for pr0n! I advertised that it would be the biggest pr0n since '69! I told everyone not to be afraid to get down on the floor during the pr0n! I said that men would be showing up stag for the pr0n, so the ladies shouldn't be afraid to come alone! Oh the humanity!

By the afternoon, kids from other schools were calling up and asking if they could come to our free pr0n. All the juniors started to protest why they couldn't have pr0n of their own. Sean Henderson, that one senior with the long hair and jean jacket, said that he would be holding a special "pre-pr0n" in the stalls of the Men's room behind the science lab after school on Friday. The faculty, not understanding what the hell "pr0n" means, assumed the student excitement was a good thing. They took out an ad in the afternoon paper saying "Help Wanted to Assist with High School Pr0n." The phones are ringing off the hook. The press trucks just started showing up.

I'm going to hide in my locker.

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A reporter just asked me if our high school cheerleading squad was barely legal or not. [Weeps quietly]

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