Gary Gygax appeared to me in a dream last night ... wearing studded leather pants!

It's true. Gary Gygax, co-creator of Dungeons & Dragons, quite possibly the most influential game designer ever to grace a pair of dice, appeared to me in a dream. My friend and I were sitting on a couch discussing the lack of a good Fallout sequel, and suddenly he walked in through the double-doors from my dining room and started to talk about skill-progression-based RPG development. Gygax is a kinda old, kinda round, kinda grey-haired smiley dude.

At first I was fascinated -- here, an icon of game development had arrived in my dream to perhaps give me a glimpse -- nay, a vision -- into the really heavy kinds of things that people have visions about. He had a jovial laugh and gesticulated energetically as he explained his ideas. But then I saw .. his PANTS. He was wearing TIGHT STUDDED LEATHER PANTS with little DIAMOND STUDS. They squeaked as he talked. I couldn't really concentrate on what he was saying. I knew that I should listen to Gary Gygax, I knew that I was supposed to be in the middle of a life-altering experience, but I just couldn't focus on what he was saying. I kept ... staring ... at ... his ... pants.

Finally, I just jumped out of my chair and yelled, "Gary, what's with the PANTS!?" My friend grabbed my arm but it was too late. Gary Gygax's demeanor completely changed, and his voice boomed out like a wrathful God. "Be glad I'm wearing pants AT ALL, little man!" Then with a squeak of tight leather, he turned on his heel and stormed out of my dream. Not only did I waste a precious opportunity ... I feel a little bit dirty.

[Victim idea submitted by Hellchick. Based on a true story, apparently.]

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This morning, to my horror, I found a diamond stud on the floor of my dining room.

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