My girlfriend is what you would call a ... "Freedom Forcer."

I'd been following the development of Freedom Force ever since, hell, since GameSpy posted that big article from last year's E3. I knew it was going to be a cool roleplaying game but I didn't know it was going to be a total sellout sorta thing.

I tried getting it from EB, but they didn't have it. So I walked all the way across the mall to Software Etc, and they had just sold out as well. Hell, now it was a crusade. I hopped into my truck and headed over to Metro Pointe mall and Gaming GigaBuys, which I usually avoid because of that unstable guy in a bear suit. There was a mob of people but no Freedom Force. What's the deal?

In desperation I called my girlfriend. Coincidentally, she was shopping at Palace Park mall across town. "Need ... Freedom Force!" I gasped. "Boyfriend needs Freedom Force badly. Boyfriend's life force is running out!"

I heard the rest of the story when I got home later that night. She sauntered into Software Etc. and leaned over the counter, chest thrust outward. "Do you have Freedom Force?" she asked. The kid behind the counter shook his head no, they had sold out as well.

Then she slumped her shoulders and began the pouting. Lower lip: FULL extension. Upped the pitch on her voice. "What am I gonna doo-ooo?" she pleaded, blinking. The guy behind the counter broke into a hot sweat, then rushed into the back room and emerged with a copy moments later. He proceeded to sell her his manager's reserved pre-order copy, his head darting back and forth to make sure nobody noticed. "Thank yooo-oou!" my girlfriend chirped. Then she stomped out of there like a commando.

That sort of thing -- well, that's just not an option that I, as I guy, even had. It kinda makes me feel a little dirty, you know? But, on the other hand, we got Freedom Force. It's kind of like my girlfriend has ... super-powers. Hmm! She DOES wear tight pants...

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