I lost 30 gigs of pr0n in that last blackout

My pr0n! My beautiful pr0n! 30 gigabytes barely legal xxx sorority chixxx! Hundreds of hours of hottie-cam archives! Megabyte after megabyte of delicious -- uhm -- well, there was that one directory labelled "chinchilla" that I was afraid to open. But, what a loss! Gone in an instant -- the lights flicked out, then when everything came back on, I got the dreaded scandisk.

Damn it all! It took years to accumulate such a diverse collection of adult material! You won't believe the popups I endured. Popups that popped up popups, popups that popped up popups that popped up popups that followed your mouse cursor around the screen. It was like the seventh level of hell, but for occasional glimpses of boobies. For naught! FOR NAUGHT! My entire pr0n collection, WIPED OUT in an INSTANT!

Wait, wait, hang on, Norton Recovery found something ... oh, there it is. Hunh. I didn't lose any of my pr0n at all. Well, no biggie, I never look at that kind of stuff anyways.

Victim Pic Small

Maybe I should create multiple redundant backup pr0n RAID arrays...

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I’m gonna whomp you so hard, they might as well cue the sad French horns.

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