She wants to solve Diablo II together? Are you sure you're ready for that kind of commitment?

Whoa, settle down lovergums! A man just can't rush into this kind of thing. It's okay to play around in quick little Diablo II pick-up games on the Internet, but you don't want to rush into solving the whole game together right away. You need to make sure she's "the one" before you jump into that kind of commitment.

Hang on, you two are already talking about the expansion? WHOA bucko! Time out! Slow down! You're not even sure you're compatible with this girl yet. It's a little early to start talking about expansions. I mean, everything's all rosy in Act I, but eventually there's a time in every couple's life where you get to Act III and all those little freaky headhunter dudes are chasing you in the jungle. Will your relationship be strong enough? I mean, you gotta take some time and just be together, sharing phat l3wt together, you know, get to know each other before you start tackling expansions together.

Now, let's talk for a second about what character class you're going to be. A Paladin? Good choice! A Paladin's a giver. You'll be healing her when times are tough. You'll be dependant on each other. You'll be givin' off the auras. Nice work. Yeah, dude, that's sweet. Now, what's she gonna be?

ASSASSIN? Dude! Get out now! Tell her you're gay!

Victim Pic Small

She's trying to make you out like you're a Barbarian or something. Tell her you don't play that way!

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Are you kidding me? The cartoon kitty could totally kick Clippy the Paperclip's ass

God bless America! In the land of opportunity, scooter-entrepreneurs like myself can score an easy Xbox.

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