Baby, I Put the ‘Romance’ in ‘Necromancer’

Yo whazzup cupcakes? Why’s a pretty little assassin like you combin’ through these Diablo II jungles all lonesome fo’? Sheet girl, any one o’ these corpses here could tell you: I put tha ‘Romance’ in ‘Necromancer!’

That’s what it is! Girl, ain’t nobody knows how to handle tha stiffy like us Nec-rollinthahay-mastahs. I’m jes sayin’ how it goes down in these parts – I can get a rise outta anybody. If it ain’t dead it’s already in bed, baby. Yay as I walk through tha valley of tha shadow of death, I gots muh pants around muh ankles. Uh hunh uh hunh!

Jes’ ask any ghoulie hoochie gettin’ off in da coffin, those that still got da lower jaw will tell ya: I put da ‘art’ in ‘departure.’ I put the ‘funk’ in ‘defunct.’ I put da ‘ease’ in ‘deceased!’

Hey … hey come back girl! Sheet, woman, you put da ‘ass’ in ‘assassin!’

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It's like I always say, "You still got it til it rotted." Daaaaa-amn.

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