The Search for a New Daily Victim Artist Begins

Fans, it's my duty to inform you that Daily Victim artist Mike "Gabriel" Krahulik will shortly no longer be illustrating this feature. Wearing an astronauts pressure suit, he explained that he had important work elsewhere, and -- pausing to don his helmet and check his oxygen levels -- he stalked out of the room. Our natural inclination was to loot and riot, preferably in reverse order, but cooler heads prevailed.

Instead, the other Daily Victims and I have started a campaign to find a new illustrator. I was elected as chairperson, namely because I am holding a clipboard. So then we come to the heart of the matter. Are you, or is anyone you know, a comic illustrator? Do you have what we in the industry refer to as the "Skillz" to pay the "Billz?" Do you have a flexible style, an ability to draw new characters day after day? Can you do magic tricks, like making a lion disappear? If so, you might have just what we are looking for. Specifically, a lion. Er wait -- [scribbles something out on the clipboard] I mean, TALENT!

I'll be tracking our progress in this matter over the next few days, so stop by for updates. Already this morning a few people stopped by to show me their "portfolios." One man looked very promising but he only drew shoes. I asked him what kind of feature this could possibly be if day in and day out we were to show people nothing but shoes. Pausing to think, then mopping his brow, he asked me if I wanted to see his dirty pictures of high-heels. I escorted him out but not before buying a couple.

So you can see this will not be an easy task. But, if you're up to it, Mail and point him toward your online portfolio! He'll weed out the best among you and give them to me. Stay tuned for details!

[The Daily Victim needs you! If you've got some illustration skillz, contact Fargo and make it happen!]

Victim Pic Small

Then there was that man with the paint roller and the air rifle. He was scary. Not untalented, mind you. Just ... scary.

Score: 5.4; Total Votes: 1132 as of 2009-12-09.

First My Gut! Will My Tribes Skillz Be Next?

The Search Continues

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