I Cannot Be Held Responsible for My Human's Recent Hacker Attack on Your Server

Gentlemen, thank you for meeting with me today.

Again I wish to humbly apologize for the actions of my human on the night of August 14th, where, during a moment of my inattention, he hacked into your company's webserver and replaced your product catalog with a crudely Photoshopped X-rated photo of Britney Spears annotated with the phrase "TRIBES ROOLZ."

In the future I'll be more attentive during his "computer time," ensuring that he sticks to harmless activities such as email, video games, or chasing about that little kitty screensaver.

I humbly ask that you do not press charges on my human. His primitive mammalian brain cannot possibly comprehend the ramifications of his actions. Also, please direct all of your correspondance to me, Raggedy Polly Mop-top. Who's a pretty girl? Who's a pretty, pretty girl? Crap, I just lost an eye.

Thank you for your time.

Victim Pic Small

Look, you're going to have to talk to the other side of my face, at least until my human fishes around and finds my missing button eye. Wait ... hang on a moment ... WHERE IS HIS OTHER HAND!?

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The PS2 Will Have Unbridled Masturbatory Capabilities

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