I Killed for the Motor City Online Beta

Many people have brazenly made the claim that they would kill for the Motor City Online beta. But I? I actually did it. That's right. Last night, around ten PM, I killed a man. I won't tell you who, but let's just say that his Chevy Bel-Air is in much better hands today.

You heard me. I killed a man. Earlier he had posted on the forums, "Hah! You'd have to pry this beta from my cold, dead hands." That was completely untrue. The beta CD was locked in a desk drawer, nothing that a good solid ten minutes of kicking couldn't recover. I hate it when people exaggerate like that.

Yes. You know what I'm saying. I killed to get the Motor City beta! And I'd do it again! Well, not for another beta of Motor City. I mean, I already have it. What I'm saying is, you know, if the beta is good enough, and I would have to kill to get it, I WOULD! But, you know, I wouldn't kill frivolously. That's all I'm saying.

[Daily Victim artist Mike "Gabriel" Krahulik is on Vacation until Monday the 27th. See little-known victims come back for a second helping all week!]

Victim Pic Small

Hey ... hang on a second. This beta requires a PASSWORD! Oh crap. Why, WHY? When will the killing spree END!?

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