I Was Victimized by My Star Wars Galaxies Player Association

My friend and I were excited about Star Wars Galaxies, the skull-splortching massively multiplayer Star Wars game. My greatest dream is to some day be a Jawa. We decided to join one of those "Player Associations" that were forming, so that we could actually start to roleplay once the game came out. Weeks later, we feel dirty and used.

Our Player Association is filled with people named things like Nraduu Blakic and KDIOUGekl welksjfdasoidIDD. They were going to found a player-made city. The Mayor of the city -- mind you, a city that doesn't exist for a game that hasn't come out -- proceeds to set up an email ring that runs like an oil spill. Daily (or more) updates contained info on: how many citizens had joined that day, details on the next city chat time and rules, changes to those chat rules, a logo contest, voting for the logo contest, why we have to vote again, updated rules for the city, arguments over rules for the city, speculations on resource gathering, details on why the Mayor thought three citizens had left but had not, and (absolutely true) the details on the Mayor's freak medical problem where he thought he was having a stroke.

We pray daily for a denial of service attack on his ISP.

[This 100% true Daily Victim was submitted by kgrytdal & Klemeroni, who claim to be "victimized by the MMORPG elite." Hang in there guys. Note: Daily Victim artist Mike "Gabriel" Krahulik is on Vacation until Monday the 27th. See little-known victims come back for a second helping all week!]

Victim Pic Small

I'm going to file a complaint with Naboob Gruzzhfoplek, certified minister of intra-city cultural affairs.

Score: 6.32; Total Votes: 1003 as of 2009-12-09.

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