Your Game Needs More Near-nudity

Hang on, it's legit. Write that down. This is, whatchacall, a consumer focus group? And I consume. In fact, I've consumed eight of those little bitty sandwiches you provided, and my first constructive criticism is that you could've just made bigger sandwiches. But, where was I?

Oh yeh, yeh. Nudity. I LOVE IT. I can't get me enough nudity. Now so far, as I see it, your game has it all, with the zombies and shotguns and real-time strategical thoughtful stuff. I dig it, I really do. But, it just doesn't get my attention like, you know, a couplea big gazongazz in a tight tube-top. You know, you're like, "are they gonna pop out?" It's supenseful. So what I'm saying is, you know -- this game has it all, it just needs more near-nudity.

What I'm looking for is like Cinemax late at night, but without all that "talking" and crap. I want G-strings, guns, boobies and uh, explosions. You put them all on the box cover and I'm fifty bucks poorer, right? Pass me another sandwich. If you want, I can draw you some pictures? Look at this napkin. See here, this is her belly button, and these, big as possible. Both of 'em. Hey... you mind if I keep this?

Victim Pic Small

See these arrows? Yeh, that means, when she bounces, they gotta jiggle. Watch when I move the napkin up and down? See that? Is it hot in here?

Score: 7.24; Total Votes: 1482 as of 2009-12-09.

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