Gads! Will Ye Robber Barons Ever Layoff of Mine Union Pacific Railroad?

Hold, scoundrel! Again ye gnarled hands twist and manipulate the stock prices of my noble enterprise, and ye act as though clicking on mine glass-dome stock ticker icon does not reveal ye treachery!

Pay heed, robber barrons! The chains of mine railroad empire are nobly forged through the blood and sweat of Chinamen, not the ruthless money-mongering of ye vile stock market recriminations! Even now the cowtowns of the West praise the name Talmadge Fisk, raising glasses to me in celebration of the transcontinental railroad that I finished 'ere the tenth turn was done.

Unhand mine public shares lest I correspond with the newspapermen and expose ye insidious machinations before the public. Were we on a LAN, explosive fisticuffs would assuredly ensue!

Victim Pic Small

The perniciousness is flabberghasting!

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Egah! What Have I Done?

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