Dude, You Just Optomize This Yo-yo and You'd Get Twice the Rebound and 40% Better Spin

Yeah, this thing is what, off the shelf? Yeah man, you should crank this baby up. These Duncans are totally open on the top end, you know? We need to head to the outlet store and get you a lighter cotton fiber string -- better resilency, better bounceback. I got one of those on my butterfly -- sheeet. You could spend ten times that much at Kay Bee and not get that kinda performance outta a yoyo.

You should sand your centerpost, help you get a wicked spin. You'd walk a mean dog with an upgrade like that. This, this here, this is sluggish, but this yoyo has a lot of potential. I knew this guy over at Crestview Elementary? Cranked up his Custom aluminum Axlerator way past spec and was able to go around the world eight times. But he was pretty hardcore, I mean, you just want to rock the cradle and stuff, maybe get some extra sleep time ... you should just tweak out this baby here.

I wonder if Duncan released a patch for this model yet?

Victim Pic Small

Yeah, another thing -- give my dad ten minutes with a drill, he can install a ball-bearing axle on this sucker. That's intense.

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