Fine, Date My Little Sister. Just Don't Expect Me to Defuse the Bomb for You Anymore!

Week after week it's MY ass on the line there with the defuse kit, hunched over that beeping lump of plastic just so you guys can respawn with a little extra cash. I could just hide in the corner and wait for the bomb to go off, so that I'd start the next round with all my weapons and ammo. But NO, I'm riskin' my butt for you guys!

And you go and date my sister.

Well, that's just fine. You know, I can't stop you. All I'm gonna say is, next time? I'm leavin' the bomb. That's right. I don't care about national honor or teamplay or any of that crap, the thought of you bumpin' uglies with my sis gives me the chokes, dude. So that's it. If that bomb's beepin', I'm just gonna hide underneath a train car or something. You're gonna see my bomb-squad butt high-tailing out of there faster than you can invite her to the prom.

So there!

Victim Pic Small

And another thing: When we play TF? And I'm the Medic? No heals for you! NONE!

Score: 7.13; Total Votes: 1439 as of 2009-12-09.

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