Are You Kidding Me? This Drives Nothing like My Dodge Viper

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Hel-looo? What is this? It's topping out at 160? Look ... look here! Not realistic. My stock Viper out in the parking lot can break 200 on a straitaway. Hell, I can break 90 in the parking lot. I've squealed out of the handicapped space that fast on more than one occasion.

Look at this -- look at the curve here -- I could take that corner at 120 on my Viper and barely spit rubber. Absurd. This is a mockery of the Dodge name. A personal assault on me and my chances of winning this weekend's tournament.

It's times like this I'm glad I'm pre-law. I'm gonna call up Dodge and offer to represent them in a law suit. Sony's a big company -- phat yen -- I think we can take these chumps. Sue their asses, good ol' US of A style. We'd win. 'Cuz God drives Dodge.

I ended up betting that schmuck from the frat house a couple hundred bucks I could take him on in the tourney. I assumed I would be able to drive a Viper, not a Viperesque half-vipe. Good thing I swiped his memory card when he wasn't looking.

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