Why Do We Eat This So-called "Hot Sauce?"

Editor -

Might I bring to your attention the ingestion of this so-called "Hot Sauce?" As a spy-oriented gaming fan site, you should be well aware of what's come to be known as the "Lan Party," where groups of individuals coalesce around a network hub to competitively play interactive entertainment products or "games."

Often the best way to nourish these compatriots is to furnish them with Italian deliverables, "pizza" if you will. But second to that is a run to nearby take-out establishments of the Mexican persuasion. Here, it is possible to order a "macho" burrito, which contains over one pound of pure, unadulterated beef.

But to the point at hand. I witnessed with my own eyes my LAN-going friends dumping packet after packet of a so-called "Hot Sauce" onto their macho burrito under the presumption of contributing to the flavorvality of the victuals. To my astonishment, closer inspection revealed that the liquid contained in the packets was neither "hot" NOR a "sauce," in the conventional sense of the word! It was merely a reddish sort of "liquid!"

Why? WHY for God's sake WHY!?! WHY do we EAT this so-called HOT SAUCE!? For what PURPOSE do we MAINTAIN this charade!? And when, WHEN, I ask, will it STOP!?

Dan "HotSauce" Melberg

P.S. Please withold my name, they might spit in my food. Thanks.

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