The Secret to 4X4 Evolution, My Son, Is to Become One with the Road.

I have meditated long, my pupil, and as the wind sometimes sighs its sweet song through the mountains so, too, I shall finally speak.

The secret to success in 4x4 EVO for the Dreamcast or Playstation 2 is not simply to trick out one's Nissan, but to enter a state of mind favorable to passage between the sands of travel. I speak of becomming one with the road.

The road and yourself have much in common. You are both dirty and covered with bumps. You're wide. Many men, they tread on you. Your life is a pathway, not a destination. Animals are flattened and killed on you. You smell like asphalt. In the winter you crack.

One with the road. You must be one with the road! Or, you should know the cheat codes. Now, please lapse into silent meditation, my KFC order just got here. I shall lick the greased fingers of enlightenment.

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My, that was an unenlightened run. You didn't even take second. The worldspirit looks upon you with the sadness of a disappointed father. Hand me the controller so that I may purfiy it with skiilz.

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