I Would Never Date a Man Who Builds a Havoc Heavy Transport and Then Takes off with Two Empty Seats

I'm sorry, no, you can't have my email address. Why? Because you suck at Tribes 2.

I'm a girl of discriminating tastes, and I would prefer not to waste my time with the type of jerk who builds a Havoc transport and then doesn't announce via the radio commands that it's ready. Lips that don't touch team chat will never touch mine.

Then I watched you fly your transport overhead with two empty seats. What does that tell me? That tells me you're a man who can't take his time, who rushes through a job just to finish half-ass. I have to ask myself, what kind of kisser would that man be? What kind of date would he be? How would he be in bed? As short as his flag run? I think we all know what the answer is.

My kinda man plays with team damage on, because he's got the sensitive touch.

When a woman mines a flag, she expects a man on her own team not to keep running over it. You probably don't put the seat down, either. And what's with the inventory station you built facing the wrong way under a bridge BEHIND our base? You probably don't ask for directions when you're driving. Speaking of which, judging by the way you handled that Shrike fighter before crashing it into a mountain, I'm going to guess you drive a car with a mismatched fender and a primer-colored hood.

My kinda man can snipe a scout outta mid air with a spinfusor, 'cuz he's got delicate hands.

But a man on my team who throws a satchel charge at me RIGHT AS I'M PICKING UP THE ENEMY FLAG? He dates his hand.

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If you really loved me, you'd take out the enemy gens.

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